Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Intercultural Teaching in Uganda

I just found out I'll be going to Uganda in August. I'll be part of a team that will be teaching the Bible and missions practices to national pastors from a variety of African countries. These pastors have proven themselves faithful in the midst of much persecution. They have shepherded their flocks as best they could. I've been told that most African pastors get their theological training from TBN on cable tv. This is scary.

In a country torn by war and poverty these pastors are taught that they can rise above the suffering if only they have enough faith. They are encouraged to collect 'seed money' from church members who can't even afford to feed their families. They are promised that God will heal them and bring them wealth if only they give their 'seed money' in faith.

This teaching is unbiblical and very harmful to the churches. The gospel is being sold rather than freely offered. False teachers and false prophets abound.

In the midst of this are pastors who want to be faithful to the scriptures. They want training and tools to discern these false teachings. Many have been persecuted for standing up for the truth of the scriptures. It is to these pastors we will be going.

This will be a humbling experience because I have not suffered like they have. But we are brothers in Christ and have a lot to learn from each other. I know the trip will not be easy. It might be dangerous. Please be praying for me and the team I'll be going with. I'll post updates as I get them.

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Chad H said...

Sounds like the work God's prepared for you (and he's preparing you for the work!). We'll be praying. Keep us updated!