Thursday, November 20, 2008

The hamster fell off his wheel and my car won't go anymore.

Let the sifting begin.

Just last night in Bible study we went over the life of Daniel. Daniel was taken into captivity by a foreign king but the Lord was sovereign throughout. He found favor with the king and was given a bit of a life of luxury if he would simply obey the king's command. Daniel was given the best food - wine and meat that was fit for a king. The only problem was it was likely unclean and part of the over indulgent king's table. Daniel remained true to the teachings of his God and ate only vegetables rather than be defiled by the meat.

Later Daniel was ordered to stop praying to his God or be put to death. Again he stood strong and did not waver in obedience to the true God. Daniel and his friends were put through the ultimate trials but their strong faith in the midst became a great example to those watching. The pagan king even wrote a letter to all the nations of the world telling of the glories of the God of David, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendago. Through the trials of believers God is shown to be faithful.

I made some closing comments encouraging everyone to trust that in the times of trial, when it feels like God is most distant, in these times He is often refining and growing us the most. We all went home...well, almost all of us. 200 feet down to road from the church our car let go of one or more needed engine parts. The power shut off and we coasted about a quarter mile down the road to a gas station. The car refuses to start. I am at home now, wondering how in the world I am going to pay to fix the car. Is it even fixable? I just browsed the web site of a local car dealership that is constantly taking over the radio waves with their annoying commercials. This is certainly a trial.

How will I respond? I just helped teach on Daniel's faithfulness in times of trial. Daniel proved God to be trustworthy. Will I do the same, not allowing myself to fall into the sin of worry and anxiety as I wait for the Lord to provide? I pray I will and that God will be glorified as I wait on Him.

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