Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Lord Will Provide

I'll begin with an update to the previous post. It turned out that the camshaft had broken in the engine of our car. This and the parts connected with it caused some major damage to the innards of the engine. We were left to decide whether to spend mega-bucks on another engine, surpassing the value of the car or selling the car and getting another one. The Lord worked out several things over the course of a few days and we made our decision.

The repair shop offered an unusually high amount of money to buy our broken car from us. We went to our bank just to see what kind of rate we could get on a loan. It turned out that we had a great credit score and were able to get a low rate. We went to a dealership and I'll have to admit I was ruthless with the salespeople and we got a great deal on a good car. We are now the proud owners of a Kia - let's hope some of the money goes to support those Korean missionaries... The salesman "assured me of Kia's Christian values..." I was able to share the gospel with the salesman right at the table in the middle of the busy store. He knew I went to seminary and asked me if Islam and Christianity believed in the same God. The Lord (pbuh) was very good to us!

We've been enjoying the car, especially me because it is a stick shift! My wife Beth hadn't driven a stick in many years so we have been practicing. She is doing a great job! We took it to my parent's house in Ohio last weekend and the ride was comfortable and it got pretty good gas milage. We'll be going to Wisconsin for Christmas so we're definately putting the car through its paces.

In other news I interviewed for an in home chef job last night. There is a family with 5 kids and they are continually overwhelmed. Rather than hire a nanny or manny (what do you call a male nanny?) they decided to farm out the cooking duties so the mom could focus on her kids. I love to cook, they have a huge kitchen with excellent quality cookware, and it is something I can do with Beth so we will take the job if they offer.

I have sent my resume to several churches in hopes of being able to pastor one of them. Just today I recieved an email asking me if I am avaliable to preach in one of them at the end of the month. I'm excited to be able to do that. Silly me to wonder if any of this stuff was ever going to work out. Our God isn't called Provider for no reason!

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